How To Play Dota 2 Wraith-Night (Tips & Tricks)

Valve released an update some time ago that included the Wraith Night game mode into Dota 2. We are probably late on getting this Tips & Tricks up but later is better than never we suppose. Here is our slightly un-perfect guide to winning Wraith-Night on Normal Mode.

Dota 2 Wraith Night

Heroes Selection and Build:

Drow Ranger

  1. Mask of Madness
  2. Crystalys
  3. Divine Rapier
  4. Divine Rapier

Templar Assassin

  1. Mask of Madness
  2. Divine Rapier
  3. Crystalys
  4. Divine Rapier


  1. Assault Cuirass
  2. Shiva’s Guard
  3. Hood of Defiance
  4. Heaven’s Halberd

Legion Commander

  1. Power Thread
  2. Mjollnir
  3. Butterfly
  4. Heart of Tarrasque


  1. Arcane Boot II
  2. Vladimir Offering
  3. Aghanim Scepter
  4. Refresher


Game Strategy

Each heroes has a set of function which we have listed above. Nukers are high damage heroes whose objective is to take down high HP creeps like the giant Treant and the giant Ursa. Tankers jobs are to take out all the little creeps, which while they are low hp and relatively low damage, their numbers make them difficult to deal with. Supports helps out by keeping all the other guys alive and brining the utility items.

The idea is simple. Axe and Legion Commander (LC) can tank on their own. Axe has his lifesteal (second skill) which should be active at all time. LC also has lifesteal on his 3rd skill which is passive so its always active. Both their items is there to keep them alive. The armour on Axe helps reduce the damage he feels while LC’s higher attack speed allows him to regenerate HP as fast as he is losing it.

Drow and Templar Assasin (TA) should be rushing to get as high damage as possible in the shortest time but not to skip their own lifesteal items. Their main target is the bigger creeps like giant Treant and Giant Spider. Drow has her second skill which splits her arrows into multiple smaller arrows. This lets her clear out smaller creeps in attack waves that does not contain larger creep. If there is larger creeps, Drow can use her frost arrow to keep the giant creep away while damaging it. TA on the other hand, has her first skill which allows her to tank roughly 500 damage everytime it is active. Use this with her ability to hit multiple creep at the same time, she can easily clear out a lot of small creep. Again, if giant creep is around, aim that.

Omniknight (Omni) should be running around, helping out. He cannot tank as well as Axe or LC but better than Drow or TA. However he can heal allies while damaging surrounding enemies. Healing LC or Axe while they are surrounded can help clear out a few creeps. Repel (second skill) is useful in stopping powerful magical attack damaging allies. For example in the Gyrocopter wave, their Homing Missile is highly destructive. Omni can repel allies that are being targeted by Gyros’ Homing Missile.

Tips & Tricks:

  • For the first wave, every hero should spread out and guard their own tower. The objective here is to collect gold and dropped items while maximising experience gained.
  • For the second wave, Drow and TA can aim the green Undying zombie thing, but stay back, once they explode both allies and enemies will be hit so you can clear out a group of enemy creeps with one kill
  • The third wave is slightly harder, the smaller creeps are hard to kill but Axe and LC can still tank them, have Drow or TA attach with one of them picking of targets while they tank. However once the big creeps come in, they should immediately focus on them
  • The fourth wave is not too difficult as long as you keep Axe and LC from getting stunned. Omni should cast Repel on both of them at all time while they tank with Drow and TA helping. The small jumping slark are hard to kill but not too much of a problem
  • For the fifth wave, have everyone target the Nature Prophet. They can spawn smaller creeps, so killing them first can help you stop alot of creeps spawning. However TA and Drow should still aim the Big Treant once they enter the map
  • For wave six, everyone except Axe and LC should be focusing on the giant spider. Axe and LC should try their best to break all the spider eggs before they hatch, but if they do hatch Axe and LC can tank and clear them quickly
  • Wave seven is where little Roshans come in with Little Leshrac. Aim the mini Roshans while avoiding their fire breath which does a 180 degrees arc. Also avoid the red spot on the ground which signals where mini Leshrac are going to cast their stun
  • For wave eight, everyone should stick together. Have Axe and LC stay upfront and tank the creeps which will multiply once they are killed. It is a good idea for Drow to use her Splitting Arrow in order to kill the little creeps
  • Wave nine brings in tanky creeps which Axe and LC can tank but will require TA and Drow to kill. However once Giant Ursa appears on the map, Drow and TA should aim that
  • Wave ten introduces two giant Pudge into the map. Everyone should focus on one at a time. Let Axe stay directly infront of the Pudge while Omni casts Repel on Axe. This will negate the damage felt by Axe when Pudge deploys its Hook or uses its Dismember spell
  • The eleventh wave brings in Gyrocopters and mini-Clockwork. Gyros can use their Homing Missile which is extremely damaging. To counter this, Omni can cast Repel on heroes that are being targeted. However if Repel is on Cooldown, your best option is to go as near to the Homing Missile launch position as possible as damage increases the further the missile launch
  • Wave twelve brings along Lich and Ancient Apparition as well as smaller creeps. Keep each allied heroes far from each other as Lich can launch his Chain Frost skill which will bounce around nearby heroes
  • The last wave is where your team kills the Wraith King. He has to be killed three times, the first attempt is the easiest and it gets harder with each next attempt. Axe should tank him while Omni cast repel on him so to avoid Wraith King’s Wraithfire Eruption (the one with the green circle on the ground) from affecting Axe. Omni should not be attacking the Wraith King but should target witches that he summons. Drow and TA should be as far as possible from Wraith King while attacking him. LC should clean up the Healing Ward that the Wraith King summons on the outer edge of the map.

That is as far as we can help you guys out. Practice your Wraith Night skill and see if you can kill the Wraith King!


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